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Message Subject Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?
Poster Handle Zlyle14
Post Content
the real aliens wont let a fake alien attack happen,the Illuminatis' games are over,even though they are desperately trying to hold on to power,best just ignore them,don't give them your attention,they will be taken care of and gently shown the door.
 Quoting: pauldamo

Being on this sight I have heard so many different theories. Never know what to take out of it all. Do I lose sleep over it? Heck no but it would sure be nice to know what the hell is really going on. This whole being in the dark thing is bullshit.
 Quoting: Craze

In time, fellow GLPer, in time.
 Quoting: Zlyle14

 Quoting: Craze

LMAO, holy shit that's scary!
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