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Message Subject Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?
Poster Handle LoVeLiGHT420
Post Content
Thanks for the video's.
 Quoting: Craze

You bet! I was very excited when I watched disclosure project back in 2001. I really had hope. Then I started looking into who was behind it. Then 9/11 happened. After that it became obvious why tptb allowed it to air.

Lately it's become even more clear with all of the alien movies and tv shows. Any time msm shows a clip from "dp" or has discussion from about ufo's it is 99.9% always military types blubbering about "threat to nuclear weapons" installations.

I am still hopeful for disclosure, I just don't think it will be coming from humans. The adults can't be responsible with the truth without spinning it to their own advantage.

It is my belief that tptb have been in contact for a long time now and were told to tell the public. They have resisted and resisted and continued to screw this planet up.

If there is to be an invasion, it will be to remove the dark cabal in control of Earth from power. Not to take over the planet or kill innocents.

`Just my 2 sense
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