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Message Subject Satellite Anomaly Answer Found...?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I just got over a nasty migraine that had been hanging in there for a couple of days. This morning was the worst.
It looks like a quake in Mexico was the cause, but maybe this weird activity precipitated it.

I've been sending strong thoughts to our et visitors in the skies about fixing the weather patterns, and restoring what patterns support our crop regions. Maybe they are working on it.
 Quoting: Texas Uncensored

Not going to happen beloved, the earth needs to be allowed her cleansing, which they have been preventing since right after ww2, we were looking at an 18 degree axis shift then, (which is not a tilt change dear readers, a new equator gets made and the land masses move something like dishes on a table do if you yank the tablecloth).
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