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Message Subject Is Ron Paul a free mason/illuminati? Serious question.
Poster Handle simultaneous_final
Post Content

 Quoting: KingDingaLing

As a Mason, I can honestly say that handshakes can be confusing. Yes, I like to give TC to people if I suspect that they are Masons but sometimes people will give it to me BY ACCIDENT. Also, if someone gives you TC, your hand will almost always fall right into place whether you know what you're doing or not. That's the truth. Think about it. Practice it with a buddy if you don't believe me. Remember--people shake hands in a variety of ways. Yes, the photo looks TC-ish but it also looks like a "grandma"-style handshake--you know, the type that old weak ladies give you?

You wouldn't know unless you saw BOTH hands closely or partook in the handshake yourself.
 Quoting: simultaneous_final

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6998983

Not a shill. In your opinion is any Mason who defends the Lodge a shill? If so, then guilty as charged, I guess but you'd defend your church, wouldn't you? You'd defend your University or your High School, right? You'd defend your company? Your family?
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