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Message Subject Is Ron Paul a free mason/illuminati? Serious question.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Not a shill. In your opinion is any Mason who defends the Lodge a shill? If so, then guilty as charged, I guess but you'd defend your church, wouldn't you? You'd defend your University or your High School, right? You'd defend your company? Your family?
 Quoting: simultaneous_final

Braindead Illuminati tool?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 677475

Dude, the Illuminati that you speak of does NOT exist but in the minds of the paranoid or gullible. There really are some "grades" of adepts who call themselves "Illuminati" but they are not who you think they are. They are generally god-fearing good people that you would invite over for dinner.

Where do you guys get this crap? Do you really think I'm lying? That I'm shilling? That I'm here just to defend some deep dark secret? I could deny that (and I certainly DO) but it wouldn't help, would it? No matter what I say, you take it as a lie because you already have your "conclusion" picked out.

Let me ask you Mason-haters some things:

Has a Mason ever directly harmed you or a family member?

Have you ever heard DIRECT testimony from a trusted friend/family member that a Mason has done them physical harm or stolen from them?

Do you hold ALL Masons responsible for the bad things that individuals who HAPPENED to be Masons have done?

If you want to know about Masonry, ASK YOUR GRANDPA!!! Or your great uncle or something. They will tell you all about it. It's a place for GOOD MEN TO MEET and ****CONSPIRE*** ways to help others without anyone knowing it. When a house burns down, who puts $100 into the coat pocket of the survivor? When a woman's husband dies and there is no life insurance, who comes together for a collection? Sometimes it is a church. Other times, it is the Lodge. More often than not, it is BOTH.
 Quoting: simultaneous_final

Yes they have hurt us all including you and all other Americans, actually worldwide with their genocidal cult in DC NYC and London.

Grandpas and uncles are foot soldiers for the local officials who are all masons running this dictatorship with rigged elections. Dupes and victims of state school brainwashing.

The only supposed charity they do is total control of the hospitals as the once again genocide the world with deathcare. Have they suppressed cures for cancer? Who vaccinates the children?

Freemasons cult.

Ron Paul and other FM chose to enter politics.

The Illuminati wrote the degrees of FM so the entire cult is de-illuminates with their satanic antichrist agenda.

As Templar Knights they work with the Jesuits in DC NYC and London for the Vatican's NWO, which violates the constitution.
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