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Message Subject Is Ron Paul a free mason/illuminati? Serious question.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Does it really matter at this point?
The game is up, at least Ron Paul makes sense. The mason's/illuminati have a sense of humour as well. They will dangle your 'saviour' in front of your face and make you all poke at it him. The wiles and machinations of the controller class are such that they will offer you freedom, then you have to choose.
Ron Paul's variation on freedom is flawed, fatally. But so is the whole cystem (sic). So pick your poison. By choosing the noose of a new gold standard those without gold are merited useless. The economy WILL recover, slowly. But we/you will be propelled back into some Medieval fantasy where a worthless chunk of metal is meaningful. It will draw us back into the physical instead of boot-strapping us into tomorrow (Social Credit).
There is NO other choice. At least he will do his darndest (sp?) to get America out of global conflicts which will never be won. It's a start.

Voting for Ron Paul is kind of like taking your first move with your Queen in chess...you better know why or you are toast. Ron Paul is the first move towards the vox populi actually dong anything meaningful in a very long time. So, go ahead, get prepared for your world to change and change rapidly. But he's the only dog on this hunt that can (eventually) land a kill.

I'm not overly clear nor seemingly lucid at this point in time
but to make a decent summary...
Ron Paul is America's last chance at making a dire situation dim.
 Quoting: lancifer93

Apparently you have never played chess, since it is impossible to move your queen on the first move
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