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Message Subject Is Ron Paul a free mason/illuminati? Serious question.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

This is not true. there are people who call themselves Illuminati who have manipulated humanity in ways they believe are necessary to maintain control, involving the deaths of millions of innocent souls.
Where do you guys get this crap? Do you really think I'm lying? That I'm shilling? That I'm here just to defend some deep dark secret? I could deny that (and I certainly DO) but it wouldn't help, would it? No matter what I say, you take it as a lie because you already have your "conclusion" picked out.

Let me ask you Mason-haters some things:

Has a Mason ever directly harmed you or a family member?
 Quoting: simultaneous_final:MV8xNTk1ODExXzI4NTg3OTA3X0ExOUI5OD

YES, and my father was a 32 degree Mason of high standing and accomplishments.
Have you ever heard DIRECT testimony from a trusted friend/family member that a Mason has done them physical harm or stolen from them?
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Yes, although I am certain not all Masons are corrupted souls , I know that there are a certain percentage of them who do use the secrecy of their fraternity and it's proceedings to conspire to harm the guiltless who get in their way or expose their wrongdoings, and I know they protect the guilty among their ranks through personal experience.

Do you hold ALL Masons responsible for the bad things that individuals who HAPPENED to be Masons have done?
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No, I do not, i believe their are just men among them , but the question is will they oppose the unjust? I do expect to see positive results in what I have revealed here on this website or I am afraid I will have to assume the Mason haters must be right. My Eastern star mother being the poor and forgotten widow of a 32 degree Mason and myself being persecuted unjustly, I must assume they are correct until it is demonstrated otherwise, whether I be a mason and question their integrity or not. The answer is in their actions, not their words..
If you want to know about Masonry, ASK YOUR GRANDPA!!! Or your great uncle or something. They will tell you all about it. It's a place for GOOD MEN TO MEET and ****CONSPIRE*** ways to help others without anyone knowing it. When a house burns down, who puts $100 into the coat pocket of the survivor? When a woman's husband dies and there is no life insurance, who comes together for a collection? Sometimes it is a church. Other times, it is the Lodge. More often than not, it is BOTH.
 Quoting: simultaneous_final:MV8xNTk1ODExXzI4NTg3OTA3X0ExOUI5OD

More often than not, it is no one , or it is the media looking for a public interest hook.
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