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Message Subject Is Ron Paul a free mason/illuminati? Serious question.
Poster Handle Freethinker76
Post Content
So I have been getting very interested in Ron Paul & his message. Seems like he has support here on GLP.

So here's my question: Can he be trusted to he who he says he is? Or is he another illuminati tool? (I'm not ruling out that he plays the game with the free masons to get where he is but is truly sold-out to his message of liberty, etc.)

I want to know what you all think. Is he the real deal or are we just falling for the same bs all over again? Please enlighten me!

Here's an example of a youtube video pointing to free mason connections.

 Quoting: lotusflowerinbloom

I'm mad the video is marked private. Anyways, no, he isn't a free mason and it is understandable for anyone to be concerned if he was tied in with those guys. He isn't and if he was a tool for 20 years voting against the illuminati agenda all those times then hot damn they must have some nice bread baking in the oven then don't they? of course even if he votes no the legistlation still passes by majority vote anyways but just the fact that he voted no all those times should say who he is overall.

Like I said, if it was true about him being a mason of course there is grave concern because no matter what they look after their fellow masons first, that's part of the oath they take but this man speaks different and his actions show against what these other guys think and do.
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