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Message Subject The 'FALSE PROPHET' is Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill
Poster Handle Davidjayjordan
Post Content
Patriarch Kirill has a faithful FOLLOWING already of 160 million Russian churchies...... thats a lot of churchies and is extending peace branches to the Western branch of Catholicism.

So rather than looking to the whimpy old Western Pope as the AC, change your thinking and go EAST and consider the eastern POPE as the FP...not the AC, but the False prophet.

Jesus the King of Kings had John the Baptist as His true proclaimer, whereas the evil AC shall have his evil proclaimer go before him, stating that Vladimir is the Saviour and the Messiah...and even the West will listen, and even the Jews will listen.... as they all want a strongman, a leader, a deliverer, and they will be desperate...besides who can fight the Beast, he has just destroyed three nuclear powers, and walks in almost unopposed into israel and onto the Temple Mount.
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