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Message Subject The 'FALSE PROPHET' is Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill
Poster Handle Davidjayjordan
Post Content
He wants to reach the young...scary

He calls it HOLY RUSSIA and wants to bring all the world together....

Nothing like a KGB to want all the world to be under their control.

From [link to 02varvara.wordpress.com]


Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias sees his main tasks as preserving the unity of the Church and the churching of Russian society. “Young people are in dire need of spiritual guidance, especially today. This will be an object of special concern for us. In an era of moral relativism, when propaganda for violence and debauchery seduces the souls of our young people, we can not just sit and wait for them to turn to Christ”, Patriarch Kirill emphasised after his formal installation in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. He encouraged the clergy to meet young people, no matter how it was difficult for them, and he asked “middle-aged and older people to help them find faith in God and the meaning of life, and together with this, the realisation that there is genuine human happiness”.

“The task of the patriarch is to prevent the escalation of disputes, for these, although they must be (1 Corinthians 11:19), according to the apostle, can swell into schism, disorganisation, and false doctrine. So, the patriarch must ensure that every person, in all of their uniqueness, finds their place in the church body and, at the same time, ensure that disputes do not interfere with love and do not weaken the overall effort to build the House of God”, His Holiness Kirill emphasised.

He also pointed up, “The patriarch is the defender of the external canonical borders of the Church. This ministry is of particular importance because of the fact that several independent states now exist on the Russian historical space. Respecting their sovereignty and wishing nothing but good to each of these states, the patriarch, at the same time is called upon to care for the preservation and strengthening of the spiritual ties between their peoples for the sake of preserving a value system that appears to the world as a unified Orthodox civilisation… Holy Russia
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