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Message Subject The 'FALSE PROPHET' is Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill
Poster Handle Davidjayjordan
Post Content
Ha, for his evil cohort the AC, is called Vladislav , which means 'rule in glory' as if the two devils can rule in glory....

VladislavFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search
Gender male
Meaning possessor of the glory, fame
Origin Old-slavic native
Related names Volodyslav, Vladyslav, Ladislao, Ŭladzislaŭ, Władysław, László, Ladislav
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Vladislav (Belarusian: Уладзіслаў (Ŭladzislaŭ); possible Czech and Slovak variant: Ladislav; Polish: Władysław, Włodzisław; Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian: Владислав; Ukrainian: Владислав (Vladyslav), Володислав (Volodyslav); Hungarian (a non-Slavic language): László) is a Slavic male given name. It is traditionally Latinized as either Vladislaus or Ladislaus, or sometimes Vladislas. Feminine form is Vladislava/Władysława.

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[edit] OriginThe name is of old Slavic origin, meaning "to rule with glory" from slavic волод volod (rule) and слав slav (glory).
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