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Message Subject The 'FALSE PROPHET' is Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill
Poster Handle Davidjayjordan
Post Content
SORRY, detractors, you are not reading and understanding what I am saying.

As I am being acused of being proRussian and proCoummnist.

Think darn ya, think ! I AM NOT. I am NOT nationalistic at all, just as the Lord is not nationalistic.

I am saying that dam vile Russia will be viler than the West and the States and Canada and viler than Britan and France and the other countries....and will become the most vile country on Earth and be the center of vileness if you will, because it will become the NWO country from where the AC will rule.

That hardly makes me pro RUSSIAN.

I am pro JESUS and not nationalistic toward any country. Ha, they can all go to HELL and will, as the Lord's people from all countries will go on.
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