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Message Subject The 'FALSE PROPHET' is Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill
Poster Handle AlasBabylon
Post Content
St Nivey, or Alexander Nivsky.... No, but there are similarities.

The knights off to battle... but I chose it because it represents the two real knights of the Lord off to fight the battles of the Lord, the TWO WITNESSES Alexander was a lone figure, therse two are dual and fight as one.

Almost like the two riders on one horse of Masonic ill fame

But 'Ours' ride the horse or Spirit of the Lord.

In the avatar, you also will see two swans, as our two get killed and the swans are a representation of their resurrection at the coming of the Lord. Study White Swans.

Also note that behind these two knights or leaders or Pillars or candlesticks is not just men but WOMEN, as we have women in the Lord's army.

Additionally it seems as if they are crossing over to the Tor, for the Grail, which would also be a battle.

The PIC or AVATAR has a lot to it.

Onward Christian Soldiers

The white and black horses also match the two pillars of the temple, Strength and Mercy, and of the Kab.

 Quoting: Davidjayjordan

Interesting symbols you used in your post, OP.

Seems I've seen them somewhere before.

So, who are the two knights on the horses in your avatar ?
What is the name of the movie ?

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