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Message Subject ** UFO ** Has any one else seen this vid.? WTF!!???
Poster Handle facepalm
Post Content
06 / 08 / 2018
 Quoting: Jasper

your dismissing this as fake, based on the timestamp alone?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1506470

Have'nt heard anything from any German citizen yet? I would think they would know,and said something by now.
 Quoting: JimBomB

language spoken there aint german. do you actually read the comments on the very source of what you post? its all been discussed in length on the jewtube already.

why spread the attentionwhoreing and hyperventillating at all if you are too lazy to even consult the actual source of your postings.

nobody except the creators can tell you stuff about this vid. actually, the youtube poster of this vid has other funny videos that are fake as well, the bus crash one for example and so forth.

kinda gives something about credibility i guess.

anyways, did anyone find out the actual bridge and surroundings and vicinity of this video if that high structure was cgi, what is the rest, is it some realworld vid with cgi enhancements, or all faked up?
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