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Message Subject Silly karma pin question...
Poster Handle TrixieMama
Post Content
When you push 'pin' on the right of the page, what does that do? Just sends an anonymous suggestion to pin that thread right?

And is there a page of any sort where you can see the pins you've suggested to pin or unpin?

I'm just curious cause I accidentally suggested a pin on a thread that definitely doesn't need one. It doesn't matter really, just curious if there was a way I could cancel my pin suggestion. I'm thinking it doesn't work that way though.
 Quoting: ChunkyMonkey

The one on the right simply sends a msg to mods asking for a pin. I think when enough are placed you get a pin.

If you want to use your karma points to pin yourself or someone else, you go to the left welcome box and click on *your karma* then click on redeem karma and then click global pin. It will confirm your request and put a global pin in your *bank*. Then you can either pin your own thread or another persons in the box under their avatar in their thread.

As for seeing what pins you have suggested, I don't believe you can do that.

Good luck :)
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