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Message Subject Value of the dollar from 1800 to 2010
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
since our entire currency (and most of the worlds) is based on debt based money, this ponzi scheme was designed to eventually fail. in short, money is created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve (a private bank) and most of the worlds banks, but never creats the interest it requires to be paid back.

in other words, 1 dollar is created by the banks, but the 10 cents of interest is never created. how is any countries debt to be paid off, or down, when this is the system? now, extrapolate this money making system into the trillions of dollars and it only gets worse. the result,,,debt, massive inflation (the chart clearly shows the reduced buying power of the dollar), and then when we are unable to pay back the unpayable loans,,,,the banks take our hard assests---cars, houses, investments, and yes, our own govt., which has sold us out.

two great books that clearly spell this out are "the creature from jeckyl island" and "debt virus", and the auther even predicted out economic collapse in the year 2012 (book was written in 1992). have any economist dismiss the truths put forward in these excellent books,,,dare ya! they can't,,,,mathematically impossible
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