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Indian Vedic Astrologer - USA, Obama and Gold

For your investing safety
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United States
08/20/2011 05:34 PM
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Indian Vedic Astrologer - USA, Obama and Gold
This is Vedic Astrology, the oldest kind of astrology there is. This guy who has shared much information about myself (life chart) and family members speaks of current times.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Share Markets and Bullion
[link to astrologerinderjitsahni.blogspot.com]

Jupiter is the star of Wisdom as well as of Finance and the Head of Priests for the King, where as mercury is the planet of busyness trading etc, Rahu Ketu Cause affliction/confusion mask, maya of the planet to which ever they represent or affect then Mars placed at a specific place cause protection and at an improper place cause destruction. A planet related to Saturn through aspect or conjunction cannot do well will harm or obstruct.
Jupiter is in the house of Mars from 8th May 2011 and Rahu entered in the house of Mars Scorpio on dated 8th June 2011. Scorpio is 8th from Jupiter. 8th is the house of Debts, death hurdles, interest, borrowing etc.
The ambition of Jupiter being in a Rajoguni Sign and worries given by Rahu for debt etc all are transferred to Mars the sign lord till Jupiter move in Aries. Axis on the other hand will keep the Jupiter move blocked till 27th June 2012.
Mars and Saturn will be in 6th from Jupiter and Rahu in 7th from Jupiter after 12th August,2012, A slightly good position, but afflicted by Rahu again due to Rahu in 7th. Upto November 2012 I cannot see any rosy picture for Jupiter which shows a Financial Crisis for the World affecting growth directly.
Mars the Depositor of Jupiter is also sharing the house of Rahu presently is under the influence of Saturn , Saturn though in 6th was good and was showing the growth of Asian Countries but by spoiling Mars it had spoiled the Jupiter and Rahu both, in turn it is also spoiled due to Mars 4rth aspect.
Mars entered in Gemini from 25th July , Mercury , direct under the influence of Jupiter aspect kept the things under control , but with its retrograde motion from 3rd August 2011 it is like auditing the account books of King , here it is USA and General position of leading Countries, that is from 3rd August the traders becomes alert and from 8th August with combustion of Mercury , that is coming more close to Earth , the real picture is becoming known to the traders and Market will further slump slowly ; from 17 August to 5th September it will slump the most , because no Jupiter aspect on Mercury. From 6th September 2011 the retrograde Jupiter showing now confused stage of the God of Wisdom Share Markets will start show the Sign of Recovery, because Mercury in aspect of Jupiter again, the Mars going out of Saturn aspect from 9th September will improve this. Future Short Terms forecasting I will Post again.
What Should Be Done.: This is the best time for the Investors to enter slowly in the Market with an investment scenario of 1 year 4 months time. As Market Bull phase will begin from December 2012. But shares may fell at its lowest levels within next month fortnight. On the other hand donot stay invested in the Precious Metals, Gold and Silver etc. Move out of it from September to August 2012 and enter into Share Markets for booking profits May -2014 for entering again in Precious Metals from May June 2014.
But before doing anything get your birth charts checked, if you had fortunes through, Bullion, Share Markets or you shall stay invested in Banks Fix Deposits. My Advice is enter in Systematic Investments Plans to take benefit of future Bull Run.
The information and opinion given above is based on my Astrological Knowledge, I will not be responsible for any Loss and nor I wish to take any credit for Profit made by you.
Posted by Inder Jit Sahni at 2:23 AM 0 comments

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Obama Oath Chart
[link to groups.yahoo.com]

20.1.2009 12.07 Hours Washington Dc looks like the correct Oath times for
the Obama.

Some do mention on the net that it is 12.05 but the configuration suggest
that 12.07 is more appropriate, as the lagna sub lord becomes Saturn the.

The Planetary configuration supports to mostly the planets of Devils group
rather than of Angels. Before reading it one shall not confuse with Devils
and Angels concept, both are required to live a successful life, as one need
to enjoy Sex, Money Power , but Sex is for the production and you are
committed to your Sex Partner, and if not then it is Devils act, spend
within the limits of your pocket and in the hour of need take loan , but to
the extent you can pay, then it is Angel work or it is devils act. Live but
give priority to your family over you , your neighbors over your family and
your Country over your neighbors is angles, living for only yourself is
Devil . So you can see in everything. Vote politics , politics to put your
family men and avoiding other competent persons is Devil and opposite to it
will be angel's work.

Jupiter and Mars are Combust , one is Teacher of the King Sun and another
Mars is commander of the King, Mercury is retrograde and combust, rules
busyness and intelligence.

In power is Rahu Saturn and Venus , Rahu ready to eclipse the Sun ; Rahu is
commander in chief of Devils, Saturn in general shows down trodden , service
class the worker; Venus is very powerful being aspect of Retograe Saturn in
his sign and in the house of gain , it gains much power when his other
companions are in power that is Saturn Rahu . Moon depositors Mars is
combust in Jupiter sign and mars depositors Jupiter is low and again with no
rays .

So Sun is playing the Devils Kings as both Devils and Angles are born out of
God , the Sun though considered an Angel is playing a devil King.

Not less important the Sun had further exchange with Saturn.

I do not [see] anything better for USA and the World under Obama rule.

One by one; when Jupiter the planet of Human values and Justice had no rays
; means the Politician or the King's words are Justice and his sayings are
Human Values , which are more dominated by Venus causing the immediate
enjoyment but ultimate fall. Venus is the Teacher Guide of Devils, the life
is a balance of Devils and Angels way, but in this rule Venus is going to

When Mars is in strength , it protects the law abiding persons , it help to
maintain discipline, so that human values do not lost, but what when Rahu
the Commander of Devils ruler, the downtrodden are tortured, corruption will
increase, illusion will prevail, what the king says will be the discipline ,
Eat Enjoy and take loans if you don't have money , and if you cannot pay
take further loans , will prevail again making the USA hollow.

The Saturn and Rahu mainly dominating the scene under the control of Venus,
the main impact will be Vote Politics ,trying to woo the public, and may
have immediate effect of gaining popularity. Sun Rahu and Saturn are good in
3,6 ,11 , A beneficially aspect to Sun can be said very good in 10th. But in
the present scenario, Sun had affliction from Rahu and Saturn both. When
Sun shifts to 5th , it gets the opposition of Venus and Moon in the fourth
cause emotional disturbance, Saturn Gains due to association of Rahu Jupiter
and Mercury, it means that Obama will try to uplift the lives of depressed
class may try to end racism but will be ultimately blamed for creating cast
/racism etc.

So I do not see a rosy ground for Obama but a very difficult laborious and
testing time for him to save his grace.

May God Bless him and Show him ways to put USA in front line again.

With Best Wishes,

Inder Jit Sahni
Posted by Inder Jit Sahni at 2:37 AM 0 comments

Saturday, July 30, 2011

[link to groups.yahoo.com]

It was posted on 7th July 2011 and see the trend thereafter.
The Transits of planets suggests me that Gold and Silver are going to
rise again for September 2nd week,
Those who wish to gain can add it to their portfolio to move out from
it in the 1st week of September to have a safe play.
Though I read the current period as a bull face for Silver, but Gold
will also rise in sympathy with Silver.
I expect maximum bullion price from 9 September 2011 to 13 September 2011.
I look at a slow fall thereafter in the prices of both the metals
which will extend to August 2012 with a sharp fall thereafter, As
August in general is a good month to give rise to Gold prices , it
needs observation in 2012 only. But my view is that the precious
metals will remain in Correction mode from August 2012 to June 2014.
Hence make fresh long terms investments only in May 2014
With Jupiter entry into Cancer on 18 June 2014 a new mini bull circle
will start in Gold.
I am very busy at the moment due to my family affairs and do not have
time for writing, had written this for the benefit of list members,
And for my friends.
With Best Wishes,
Inder Jit Sahni,
[link to groups.yahoo.com]
Posted by Inder Jit Sahni at 3:33 AM 0 comments
Labels: Precious Metal Long Term Opinion


I came into Astrology in the year 1972,living at a place in North India Punjab where every street is having an Astrologer and is famous for Bhrighu Sanhita around the globe; and having access to Bhrighu’s Family due to my Father being a teacher to their children , to help in their schooling .Traditional astrology as is practiced by most of the astrologers in North India was used by me till 1980, and with my posting at Nangal Township famous for Bhakra Dam , I came into contact with a Government School Teacher Mr Kalia the Astrology was his hobby , on the one side he will use Krishnamurthy system and also will tell remedies from Lal Kitab. During those times the person was having the photo copy of original book writer. I read its translation, it looks obscure to me, considering the planets changing houses that too fix for all the places on earth, it deals with only 1/10 part of astrology and is not scientific at all but it is good to earn from misbelieves and faith of the general public(not tohurt any body these are my frank views), but the Krishnamurthy system proved to be very logical. Till that time I was using Rashi chart and Navmasa positions, and its relations with Rashi Chart and its aspect it receives on Navmasha points Moon sign chart and Sun sign chart. The correct predictions were appreciated and wrong were ignored as it happen, the persons getting correct predictions will make your publicity and a chain will start, the persons to whom you had given wrong predictions will hardly come back to you. But as my practice was mostly with my friends and relatives, I was aware of my work and will make stunningly true predictions.
I lost my 1st printed prediction record , I tried at the time of Congress Government led by PV Narsimha Rao tenure in April 1996 , with KP Horary and failed miserably , my prediction too was not given much priority. The above printed prediction was 2nd among my print in media at Devgoda times when Congress refuses to support his Government. This was based on KP, as well as Nadi Knowledge, reading Planetary strength and House Strengths are two different things, if Nadi and Indian full Rashi full house shall be applied for evaluating the strength of individual planet then it is necessary to evaluate a house with the eyes of KP, the Bhrighu Nandi Nadi as had been explained by RG Rao in his books and many of my own findings which were intuitively learned and were found in various books.
My father was not a well off person being the eldest of five brothers and sister, it was not possible for me to even buy the books of Astrology, which I will procure from here and there, the most helpful to me was the Sadhu Ashram Library of Hoshiarpur. But I was able to buy Parashar Hora Shastra only in 1977 after 5 years of my learning from the sources of Library.
The above prediction is marvelous in its own sense that it gives accounts for the following things.
1. The troubles of Coalition Government which starts from 1st week of April 1997 will end in between 17th April to 28th April by which time their will be a change in the Prime Minister and will be supported by Congress.
2. Congress can not come into power as yet in spite of its claim or BJP can not come into power as yet in 1997.
3. The present Government can have the maximum life of March 1998.
4. The BJP with his alliances will come to power in or during March 1998.
5. The Congress can not come into power before Mars period which will begin in 2003.
6. The Congress will clear the decks for its young Nehru family person from 2003.
All the predictions were stunningly true and passed the test till 2003.}
I do not know if any Astrologer had taken such risk to predict in one go for the next 6 year about the Political scene of any Country. I tried all these years not to publicize myself, because it may disturb my peace of mind. But it looks as these are the times to show to the World about yourself and nothing but my work will introduce me to the outer world.

The Next prediction was at the times of Election on 1.3.1998, it gives the Formation of BJP led Government near 17.3.1998. Atal Bihari Vajpayee took oath of his PM office on 18.3.1998. I foresee the complete term for this Government with change in alliances during September to October 1999. This was written during my statement printed on 17.4.1999.
The Change occurred but it involves our public in the Election .From 1997 I was writing that Congress will reshape and will regain power only after 2003, I clearly mentioned in my statement dated 9.10.1999
That Congress will come into power after 2003 with the help of other political parties but Sonia Gandhi will not be Prime Minister of India. Other things which proved the test of Time was that I declared that due to Rahu mahadasha in the Constitution chart of India their will be no single party rule till 2011 , and India will remain under the threat of Terrorism from North or South . I further declared that some thing favoring Kashmir Issue can happen only after the End of Rahu Mahadsha.

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09/25/2011 03:42 AM
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Re: Indian Vedic Astrologer - USA, Obama and Gold
This is my blog which had been posted by some one.
My predictions had all proved truth but the webpage had been shifted to the address [link to financialmundanenatal.blogspot.com]
Please read the new postings and post your comments
Inder Jit Sahni
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25041130
10/05/2012 10:09 PM
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Re: Indian Vedic Astrologer - USA, Obama and Gold
Another free astrologer www.astrohelp.ca
Anonymous Coward
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05/03/2014 11:24 AM
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Re: Indian Vedic Astrologer - USA, Obama and Gold
Vedic astrology is Moon based and predictions are more accurate.

[link to astrologymag.com]