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Message Subject Strange object "shooting out" of the Sun
Poster Handle TBar1984
Post Content
Looks fake as hell does, I may be wrong...
 Quoting: Survival Sun

Like I said, this was posted on an astronomy forum from a well known member. Not from some kid on youtube. I doubt he would post fake shit. You can read the original post here: [link to www.cloudynights.com]
 Quoting: BoxerLvr

I'm going to go with the published orbit of Cosmos 1741 being off due to the wrong day. It appears the orbital data was for UTC 04:58:02, Sunday, August 21, 2011 and the sight was 3.5 days earlier. Only way to know is to get the orbital data for the time of the sight...good luck with that.

 Quoting: TBar1984

See, they just updated the orbit data to (UTC): 11:57:10, Sunday, August 21, 2011 and now the pass on the 17th doesn't work again.
[link to www.heavens-above.com]

You need the orbital data for late on the 17th....

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