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Message Subject Just how many vacation homes does Romney need?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
you should see the inside of that house he's tearing down
you's do the same thing if you's had de money
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1184401

So basically, he paid $12 million for a lot. That must be one hell of a lot! Granted, the average home price in La Jolla is $2 million, but he just paid six times that amount for a tear-down. Nope - not diggin' it. I hate to think how much he would spend redecorating the White House (again). In this economy, we don't need spendthrifts. I somehow think his vacations would make Obama's look like chump change.
 Quoting: Faith

As much as I dislike Romney, I doubt the tax payers would be footing the bill for him like we are with the eight hundred thirty three weeks "vacation" Obama and Michelle-let-them-eat-cake have enjoyed.

OK. So I exaggerated. Make that eight hundred thirty two.

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