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Message Subject This is all Project Bluebeam. Every conspiracy theory is the upcoming false alien invasion.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
IMO, the project blue beam would be used to fake the arrival of the Antichrist ...

In the Bible, Jesus says when we return every eye will see him, since I don't think the Antichrist could do that himself, he will use technology to fake it.

I also think chemtrails are making the sky around the Earth a projection screen. Chemtrails always seem to be a reflective metal being aerosoled into the sky. I know they used holograms in the sky right now.

I also think they will fake as much Biblical prophecy as possible to welcome in the Antichrist, they going to shut the power off for 3 days they're going to cause a volcano to spew ash to cover the sun... I mean they're going to really try to fool you.

The false prophets are everywhere ... so many prophets for the Antichrist on this forum... always trying to convince you so and so is the Antichrist and Jesus is about to be here... LOL yeah right.

Watch I, Pet Goat II ... the freemason world powers going to bomb the temple mount in Israel to give the false Christ a place to stand and be worshipped.
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