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Message Subject David Booth, Prophet of God Announced that on October 13, 2004, īDay of the Lordī Upon Us
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"David Booth huh!.....A sad deluded CONMAN"

I guess heīs in good company then because thatīs exactly what they said about Jesus too...and every prophet that God ever sent to warn us about anything.

What Iīm personaly going to do is wait and see what he has to say on Sunday, which should be interesting since he hasnīt made a public appearace since last year.

"David Booth first gave is "Fatima Revealed" Message on Feet to the Fire on Oct 6th, 2004, spawning much talk and interpretation to the authenticity and meaning of such a message.

Then James, on Oct 31st 2004, talked about an independent investigation by a report in Portugal that confirmed parts of David visiting the now passed Sister Lucia, the last living witness to the Fatima appearance of Mary and the Message she had for the world.

Further, James received the news, via private email, that both David and Sister Lucia have taken gravely ill and David flew to Portugal to be with his distant relative and fellow recipient of the End Times Prophecy. Sometime thereafter, of course, we learned of the Sisters passing.

The interpretations of Davidīs interviews and statements have deemed him everything from a liar to a prophet. Now, urged by his daughter, David Booth returns to F2F to speak more of what is to come!"

[link to www.innersites.com]
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