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Message Subject Alien Interview
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi Candace,

I am really sorry to inform you that "The Alien Interview" is a hoax. The guy who wrote it confessed some time ago.
Believe me, many researchers spent lots of time and money to get to the bottom, but we all agree it was hoaxed, and that it was not a 'forced' confession.

 Quoting: nexuseditor

Nexus, I happen to know. I had been informed that there were two downed craft long ago, and with in one, EBE was the survivor and lived to 1951. The other craft was not made public and the person survived but a few weeks. That was completely PRIVATE information to me. I have asked a huge number of questions since I got the book to confirm quite a number of things. I just in fact spent 45 minutes of private time with one above discussing the details. the one above is my personal destiny guardian who has taken with me the long journey to Paradise and we are in very frequent contact. she is embodied in a similar but more refined form aboard a craft that I visit regularly. she came down HERE personally today to discuss the book the book with me.

In fact I would not have decided to do this, if it was deemed unwise to become involved. It was felt it was time to support the story.

There were some small modifications apparently added by the guy. but the alien and the story of the interviews is not a hoax. There have been many things debunked publicly on purpose that are not hoaxes and many hoaxes created in this business I am engaged in.

I would not take on this project without being pretty sure. You see, I have my own memories of how the creation works, I am an awfully old soul and even if this were to be made up completely, or loosely based on a story, he was given the option of presenting it as a novel and perhaps he did some of it because some of it does not match, but the information provides ME with a very important teaching tool and I am going to engage it. hf

I can argue that the story of acolyte, regards the alien message from another realm is baby language is a hoax, because I know it doesn't work that way.

the guy who did the book, has posted additional tags ons etc, so it doesn't seem to be a hoax, and not admitted as such on the website. The lady who did the interview with the alien was indeed a military nurse, as was the crude attempt to disable the alien. Maybe he had to call it a hoax to save his arse.

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