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Message Subject Alien Interview
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi Candace,

I am really sorry to inform you that "The Alien Interview" is a hoax. The guy who wrote it confessed some time ago.
Believe me, many researchers spent lots of time and money to get to the bottom, but we all agree it was hoaxed, and that it was not a 'forced' confession.

 Quoting: nexuseditor

Could you provide any links to this hoax?

I have read the book it did states it was fictional based. I however liked it specially the notice of an energy field that stops practically all spirits to escape the matrix prison into freedom and at the same time induces AMNESIA forgetting who you are where you came from and erasing all memories from the very beginning you where aware. It talks about the "light" after death which is a trap and love emitting device, to yet again incarnate here on earth with amnesia...

But yeah it could be a hoax definitely or it could be people trying to ridicule the book because it may have some truth in it. I'm just having an open mind to it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1344892

if the book was such a "hoax" it would continue the supremely wonderful material it contains. few on earth would be aware of what is in it. If he fictionalized it some, so be it. that may have something to do with a couple inaccurate statements in it. it's a grand story and the premise is real. as I said, I was told personally that there was another crash at roswell and if ones search maybe there are even leaks on that, I don't know. I was told there was a survivor who was interviewed those long years ago and there is every reason to believe after my discussions with those above and the 45 minute chat to day that there is a real possibility this book is based, fiction or otherwise on a goodly deal of fact.
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