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Message Subject Alien Interview
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi Candace,

I am really sorry to inform you that "The Alien Interview" is a hoax. The guy who wrote it confessed some time ago.
Believe me, many researchers spent lots of time and money to get to the bottom, but we all agree it was hoaxed, and that it was not a 'forced' confession.

 Quoting: nexuseditor

Thanks for telling us what we all agree upon. Keep your opinions your own, even if you feel the need to thrust them upon us. Don't group everyone into your little hoax believing gang.

Seriously, if people spent half the time trying to prove these things instead of wasting time disproving them (False stories will fade on their own anyway) we would be much further along with disclosure.

Reminds me of the scientists that get paid god knows how much while sitting around disproving other people's theories with their own new theories. Search for truth, not lies.
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