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Message Subject Alien Interview
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: BigDog10000000000000

orion gray. Not the same as the form used by celestial spirit beings. the celestial version is beautiful and balanced. The orion grays, many revolted, they are intelligent enough to do so, and they reason they got involved with breeding with man's form, is they want to take the human ascension journey. But that is not the method of choice. They do not like their forms and that is understandable. They are soulless, per man's definition at any rate, they are a form of AI. But many over road their programming and do great good and have great love of man kind actually, and they ARE going to be granted the human ascension journey.

They are soulless, because of artificial mind they have. I don't have a better word to use, "artificial" is the best I can come up with to explain. they are 'artificial beings" created as slaves. Their bodies age, and they can't incarnate as can the human soul, so they clone new bodies and download the mind contents from the old body to the new. this is done also with human cloning people, nothing new about it, and there are good uses of such technologies. depends on the motive. The thugs killing real people in government who are resistant to thug rule and replacing them with clones is not a spiritual purpose of the technologies.

The orion grays thus do not have a bounded soul/mind of an eternal being. they just keep copying themselves to continue to exist. There are wonderful ones who truly desire to become REAL immortal spirit beings. And many have earned it and it will be given to them because they did the ultimate, they rebelled their "creators" and served HUMAN out of LOVE on this planet. So they reap the rewards of that love. those of you who have read Dolores Cannon saw a bunch of that love because some came thru her. They are consciously trying to spiritually improve themselves which does make them eligible for the gift of eternal life.

The Life Carriers of nebadon, will move the mind of each to a human baby, and then if they perform correctly in that form, a Father Fragment (thought adjuster per the UB), will some to their mind just as to all humans, and the eternal journey will become a reality for them. They have earned the right.
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