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Message Subject Alien Interview
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Ok moving some posts from the 2nd thread I linked last night Thread: Last Year I was a Foot Away From a Gray Alien, Twice

OP, you need to download and read this book linked below. It will enlighten you and ditto some more of you ones. I just became available in 2008. it will explain very nicely the grey form, which is used heavily throughout the creation for those that travel the friendly universe. It does not need food, It is sustained by the soul of the one using it. It does not need oxygen even, depending somewhat on the type and it comes in colors other than gray.

These are used by both angel and "human" origin souls. It is only a body, and a doll body or casper the ghost body to boot. There are two different types, those belonging to SOULS which are cutely called IS BE's in this book. The other type is for manufactured slaves, which the orions used. And surpise, many of those slaves do become human, when they grow their minds enough. The reptilians slave versions are not active in earth now.

[link to www.theparacast.com] Enjoy. This is an interview a lady nurse made of a alien using the grey doll body form, from one of the two crashes in roswell. It is a lovely story. READ IT.

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They seem rather 'dead-pan' and 'emotionless' ordinarily... but I think their 'world' is more internal, possibly they don't feel the need/have reason for external 'expression' and swinging emotional states as we do.

Maybe they think more than they act.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1515631

PLease read this book. It's very enlightening. I only learned about the book a couple days ago, when somebody posted it in one of my threads.

[link to www.theparacast.com] it is WONDERFUl except for the thugs of this world and how they treated the gray alien. You will also learn something about this prison ward on which you reside. ENJOY. It's not whole story of the creation, but its a wonderful read. I have seen many of thes forms. Most I have been with are whitist in color but some that were caring for my health once, when I rested each day, (before I became public), were little BLUES. I kept asking to see them, as I sure could feel them and talk to them, as they worked on my old joints etc.

One day, before dawn happened, I awakened suddenly to find about 9 of them, around my bed. the room was completely dark, and they glowed like night lights. they were stunningly beautiful I might add. about the size of maybe an 8 or 9 year old. Beings that glow are Never dark oriented. These were in fact a type of angel, and they had called themselves before then to me, simply Pleiadian angels. I do have an image of sort of what they look like, I need to upload it.

These angelic forms come in all colors of the rainbow, according to the type and frequency. but the form is also used widely by souls of "animal" origin, who got their start from worlds like this one. this is a seed planet to create new souls.


I think they can phase in and out of our dimension by lowering their vibrational frequencies. Supposedly they are no longed allowed to come here, but the "ban" doesn't work. They are soulless beings what are more like robot worker drones functioning in a hive mind. They are very weak physically.

I don't know why they like me so much, but I don't like them. I am not sure if they are helping by upgrading your individual DNA or if they "chip" you to lower your vibrations. I have had strange memories of me as a child in my bed and getting really angry and yelling at the window, almost taunting something beyond the blinds. I have moved around a lot in my life and they have followed me.

I dont like walking up in the dead of night and feeling fearful. My "chip" is located behind my right eye, as this was told to me by several "physics" and "healers" who can see the discoloration in my aura. I have had the "chip" removed and when it was "melted", they came back and "re-chipped" me, causing my right eye to become lazy.

Maybe the rest of you have met with other factions of positive E.T.'s, but i dont fucking like the Greys. When I see a picture of their face I feel a deep fear in my physical heart. I recall their "smell" and have some memory of the feeling of their touch. Cold plastic hands.

I know that if I go into regressive hypnoses, i will probably remember a lot of this shit, but I dont want to remember it at all. I am afraid that there are thinks that you cant unlearn.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1515743

Please download the book I linked in the two posts above. Only those created as slaves by the orions thugs are soulless beings and did you know that 50% of folk walking around in these bodies are also soulless beings.

the body type is common for interstellar travel. They live in very little gravity and don't need muscles. I have given up talking about this casper the ghost form here, until somebody supplies the above link a couple days age. the story will educate you and hopefully answer some questions and cause others. I may open a discussion thread about it, once I have re read it, because I skimmed it. It brought back so many memories.
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