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Message Subject Alien Interview
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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continuing to move MY posts and then I will move a couple where the material from the book have been posted there.

A few years ago, I woke up to see 2 robed/cloaked figures standing at the foot of my bed. One looked mantis-like while the other was shorter—only coming up about shoulder height on the taller one. I was basically terrified, and immediately closed my eyes and feigned sleep. When my eyes were closed, I could “see” bright multicolored lights. Frankly, I was afraid I was having a stroke. I would peek through almost closed eyes and the beings were still there, and when I closed my eyes completely, I would see the colored lights. I concentrated on breathing in a regular sleep-like manner, and being as still as possible. I don’t know how long this went on, but eventually I evidently went to sleep. I remembered everything, which is unusual if it were a dream, because I don’t usually recall dreams. So, I don’t really know what to think: Was it a dream, or a sort of “night terror,” was it a “mini-stroke” or was it really real?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 523605

visitors trying to wake you up. It's been a difficult process on this world to wake the incarnates up to their incarnations and where they are from. The black ops folks put out a lot of false shit to help people freak out in fact.

So, would I be able to have an O.B.E. and my soul take control of this empty grey body? Like are these E.B.E.body's up for grabs? poster quote

if you soul is not imprisoned on earth, I assume so, depends though on where you are in your development. I plan on starting a thread over that book which could lead to lots of questions, but I am not starting it tonight.

You see with one of those you can walk a planet like this and also walk a lot of other types of planets. and it's very low maitenance, but your soul has to be at a level to operate one.

The EBE body was a PLANT person, not a gray, if you hear about the survivor of another crash. These ones metabolize like plants and do well in atmospheres with higher concentrations of carbon dioxide.

OK NEW information, because I as look at my above response to the question, I didn't clearly read the question. the answer is NO, if they leave an empty gray form behind, you can't enter it, because it was programmed to serve them. It would not match your soul. when I read the post, I was thinking you were asking if once you left this body, could you use one of those, and the answer would then be yes, depending on your purpose and level of soul development.

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as to 'benevolence" you get to live on lower worlds in solar systems like this, until you earn the right to fly the friendly universe. the rules have changed greatly because of folks like the orion thugs. Its also a law of physics that like attracts like, and thus thugs can't live in the better places.


In response to a poster who asked IF I "believe" everything in the book.

some dates are off a bit, but most of it is good. I am re checking it before I start a thread. Understand, little material given to earth is 100%. shit happens, but there is huge truth in it and those with silly earth ideas about god and the creation should learn something from the book. I found it "amusing" that the nurse considered the alien an atheist. Religion on this planet is a control measure. As to your asking about "believe" the word is a postulate used wrongly by a lot of folks. If you "believe" something, it means you don't know. I do know many detains in the book are pretty accurate, and some I question.

I was confused about moses and thoth in it however. I know Thoth, haven't met Moses yet, but thoth is OUTSTANDING individual from the superuniverse realms.there has been material give by Moses, under the PJ program in one of their newsletters that is very good as to the teaching. I have posted a couple of them. As to Moses, several pleiadian planets sent a lot of folks here, and so did others and the sirians and pleiadians were long at war.

She does not teach about the hierachy or architectural worlds, but a lot of that stuff abut the empire is pretty close on, as a general description. It's a decent read. She seems to be an angel because of her creation story. being of the Mother energy

I am not crazy about the word "Domain" it was the best the nurse could make and I guess once the alien learned english telepathy, they chose to stay with. whether its perfect or not doesn't matter, because there is HUGE HUGE teaching in it that is nicely preserved.

I have some question asking to do about some of it. I want to make sure the author didn't mess the info in a couple places, I have to re read what his annotations were about.

Stuff like companies that sell life forms to planets is pretty right on, but planets are first seeded with life by beings that do that at appropriate times. This planet was seeded while in the Milky Center rays that we are again in now and there will huge change. But this planet was also several times repopulated with life in various parts of it, after major axis shifts and the like.

I think a lot of people need to read about the immortal spirit and start pondering their own. and the fact that eternity is a long time and you don't spend it having parties with jesus.

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