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Message Subject Alien Interview
Poster Handle Jamesbo
Post Content
(My other post from that thread)

559 BCE

Cyrus II of Persia ID'd as commander of the lost Batallion along with certain dolphins an whales. Ahura Mazda led as a "winged God" in the search party.

"On land, The Domain Search Party members were referred to as "Annunaki" 178 (Footnote) by the Sumerians, and "Nephilim", in the Bible. Of course, their true mission and activities were never disclosed to homo sapiens. Their activities have been purposefully disguised. Therefore, the human stories and legends about the Annunaki, and the other members of The Domain Search Party have not been understood and were badly misinterpreted."

"A common element of the Pyramid Civilizations around the
Earth is the constant use of the image of the snake,
dragon, or serpent. This is because the beings who
planted these civilizations here want to create an
illusion that the "gods" are reptilian. ... The 'gods' are
not reptiles, although they often behave like snakes."

I always thought that the gold mining story was smelly, that the Anunnaki were so mysteriously absent from stories of Atlantis and MU, and from the UB Lucifer rebellion.

Question is, what role did the Anunnaki truly play as part of the Domain? at times they seem to have been the good guys, but mostly, they seem to have been the bad guys. This can be seen as with Marduk, as his reign matches the attributes of the "Old Empire".

At times, the Domain appears as if they were the "Life Carriers" of the UB, their "Main Computer Database" seems like that of the Ashtar command, as they replinished life on earth 70 million years ago (the time of the asteroid demo that took out the reptilian dinosaurs) and later, including the processes of "sex" and "pain" to cause the IS-BE to come and get "Stuck" in the flesh.

The comment: "This wave has proven to be the most effective trapping device ever created in the history of the universe, as far as I know" was pretty powerful. This corroborates that spoken by Edgar Cayce and others, in their story of creation, when the first flesh-dwellers got stuck, and created the original sin, that of the monstrosities.

NIP, can you maybe elaborate some as to whom the Domain is relative to GFL, Life Carrier corps, and Anunnaki

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