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Message Subject Alien Interview
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Questions from Jamesbo in the other thread. I have placed in blue the material quoted from the book Alien Abductions. I will answer the question as this is one issue I clarified during my 45 minute discussion with my destiny guardian angel, Andrea, last evening, as I had the same questions about the statements. First for a bit of teaching about Andrea. Urantia book readers already know about the Destiny guardian, an angel assigned to the evolving soul when it makes 3rd circle awareness. If the eternal journey is finally chosen for read after testing, by fusion with the Father fragment, this guardian angel helps guide the ascension journey of the soul all the way to paradise and often also completes a similar journey for herself. These are "female" being daughters of the Mother Spirit of Nebadon, Nebadonia.

Andrea completed her ascension to Paradise and she and I are now eternal friends and partners and she is here at this time attending me in that role. She is embodied in a white "gray" form on the Capricorn and her specialty there at this time, is the role of resurrecting bodies of folks who don't do so well when beamed by the dematerialization to ship. (scotty beam me up method). She engages also in other work and continues to provide several different services to me, such as the 45 minute session last night, when she came down here. Her form size wise is about 5 1/2 feet tall. Thus larger than the alien in this story, but smaller than the very tall types such as the form used by CM/Aton as Hatonn in the PJ's. Andrea gets a portion of the nourishment of her form from a formula of liquid light and other nutrients. She thus does have a mouth and simple "digestive" system, which is nothing like ours.

Andrea is a Trinitized Custodian as to her adventure to paradise. You can read about these ones in the UB, paper 22. My order is also discussed in the same paper, I am a Mighty Messenger. (and please people this does NOT mean my body, which is merely a "house" at this time.) Now the writer of that paper, is a Mighty Messenger and those of you who have followed "new age" have been introduced to her as Mother Shekhmet. How the new age bull is completely wrong about her. She is NOT the commander of Nibiru for example and she does NOT give channeled messages thru RAMA of Rama and Tara couple.

Shekhmet wrote 3 papers of the UB, #22, 28 and 30. Her soul mate (mentioned in #22) is often called Alcyone on this plane, and is also misused by the above folks, rama and tara, as being the central Sun of Pleiades Alcyone. NO NO and No. Her soul mate wrote 5 other papers of the UB. #32, 35, 40, 42, and 52. I can't remember his name at the moment, but its NOt alcyone. what has been done by the CIA to new age is completely disgusting. Rama and Tara rip people off with fake channelings of Skehkmet, to the last tune I was aware of, $160 . I did a work with Shekhmet, in august of 2005. Since I can't place links to my site here, you need to go to Telepathic messages by Candace on my site, and go back three pages, to find it. It's #41, Mother Shekhmet Speaks. Ok, teaching done on that topic, lets move on to what Jamesbo has asked. I am going to post, so I don't loose this so far an then edit. NOW for those reporting posting violations, here is the link: [link to www.theparacast.com] this is well less than 50%.

559 BCE

Cyrus II of Persia ID'd as commander of the lost Batallion along with certain dolphins an whales. Ahura Mazda led as a "winged God" in the search party.

"On land, The Domain Search Party members were referred to as "Annunaki" 178 (Footnote) by the Sumerians, and "Nephilim", in the Bible. Of course, their true mission and activities were never disclosed to homo sapiens. Their activities have been purposefully disguised. Therefore, the human stories and legends about the Annunaki, and the other members of The Domain Search Party have not been understood and were badly misinterpreted."

"A common element of the Pyramid Civilizations around the
Earth is the constant use of the image of the snake,
dragon, or serpent. This is because the beings who
planted these civilizations here want to create an
illusion that the "gods" are reptilian. ... The 'gods' are
not reptiles, although they often behave like snakes."

I always thought that the gold mining story was smelly, that the Anunnaki were so mysteriously absent from stories of Atlantis and MU, and from the UB Lucifer rebellion.

Question is, what role did the Anunnaki truly play as part of the Domain? at times they seem to have been the good guys, but mostly, they seem to have been the bad guys. This can be seen as with Marduk, as his reign matches the attributes of the "Old Empire".

At times, the Domain appears as if they were the "Life Carriers" of the UB, their "Main Computer Database" seems like that of the Ashtar command, as they replinished life on earth 70 million years ago (the time of the asteroid demo that took out the reptilian dinosaurs) and later, including the processes of "sex" and "pain" to cause the IS-BE to come and get "Stuck" in the flesh.

The comment: "This wave has proven to be the most effective trapping device ever created in the history of the universe, as far as I know" was pretty powerful. This corroborates that spoken by Edgar Cayce and others, in their story of creation, when the first flesh-dwellers got stuck, and created the original sin, that of the monstrosities.

NIP, can you maybe elaborate some as to whom the Domain is relative to GFL, Life Carrier corps, and Anunnaki



Ok now to answer the above.

the name of the Domain, is a bit fictional, as the nurse could only find that term in her limited vocabulary of words, before the alien learned english. I shall thus continue the use here.

the members of the Domain are primarily angelic origin, meaning Created, rather than coming out of the animal, plant evolutions on planets such as this.

Basically the Domain is a Super Universe of Orvonton organization. While all evolutionary planets like earth are seeded with life, they do not automatically "belong" to heaven per se. The souls being evolved there must chose to do the will of the Father and create sustainable planets, that can enter the eternal cycles of Light and Life.

Planets not yet in Light and light are often captured and corrupted by other thugs from places not in Light and LIfe. Light and Life planets do not show on the radar of the lower evolutionary planets in fact. That is the goal here on earth, as part of the massive correcting time going on.

In nature the domain is thus often used as a military force, again what is described in the book as working to remove the power of the "Old Empire" which one is right to assume includes those orions et all. this is one place in the book where I wonder if the editor did a bit of editing. the old empire is far beyond just the orion thugs.

Life Carriers are not part of the Domain as the Domain is an Orvonton force. That said, the story, and somebody needs to quote some portions about the trade in animals here, probably did lead to your confusion and that section is quite worthy of discussion here, and should be a separate topic for that reason.

They are also NOT Ashtar Command. Ashtar Command has many "ascending" sons are members for example, and it not an entity of Orvonton, being more "local." The biggest function of Ashtar Command IS the evacuation of planets in major doo doo. They do not re seed planets which have undergone major axis shifts. That is a function of the Life Carriers. Life is often decimated on these planets in the earlier days on purpose, because they for example become overwhelmed with planet life, and also the early forms like dinosaurs are removed by axis shifts and the life at appropriate times. These axis serve purpose in the building of a planet of such nature as this one.

the annunaki are not members of the Domain. They are evolutionary animal origin beings who still have quite a journey ahead of them. Nibiru has been a major base planet ( and war machine) of them. Like all beings they vary greatly in their spiritual skills individually. They became heavily involved in the battle against the Orion reptilians however also, and are the ones who blew a portion of earth out during an effort to kill all the reptilians. Not all the repilians are spiritually immature either, some are very advanced, and advancement is the choice of the soul.

The planets not yet in light and life engage in a lot of war, on both sides and as in any war, it becomes difficult to decide who the bad guys and good guys are. The folks of the DOMAIN DO KNOW. Just as on earth, many americans accept Iraq and Iran and afghanistan as enemy, where in fact this ones are defending selves, but also may or may not have alterior motives for domination to thru the use of Islam. Planets in Light and Life do sometime carry out order from the Hierarchy, such as the folks from Thiaoouba, who supported Moses and took care of sodom and Gomorrah, under orders of the hierarchy.

Many anunnaki are in fact using what you ones see as the human form and have come from human form planets. And they hated the reptilian form. Maybe for good reason. The reptilian form, is going to be completely uncreated, as it has produced mind that is too aggressive. It has produced in fact, a very low level of Mind which do choose to do the will of the Father. The success rate has been terrible.

Understand this does not mean the souls are uncreated, it means they will experience in better forms. Many of these souls are facing uncreation though, for they have not been able to fuse with their Thought adjustor and lots of opportunity has been given. the reptilian race has been on this earth for 4 million years, and they were removed in fall of 2007. All 8 billion of them. As a general statement they were enslaving their own kind and have not made the spiritual growth to continue with the Ascending planet.

The annunaki failed their own commission to improve life on this planet, it was NOT going well at all. There are so many groups having forces within this world. It gets very very confusing. They did indeed

Edgar Cayce's work spoke of history in this small region. It did not speak of the more galactic scale and is often misinterpreted. Several folks came thru Cayce, the works are not his, thusly, as to that which came thru under his self hypnosis. And everyone interprets according to what they have read of course.

well enough for the time being, I need to MOVE for awhile.
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