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Message Subject Just an update to the body bag threads. Update first post
Poster Handle Khim
Post Content
I've taken in a LOT of information (probably a few gigabytes) in the past 6 months searching for an object responsible for a slight deviation in Jupiter's orbit from 2006-2011. My search brought me to the mysterious Comet Elenin (it's placement and timing were perfect)

But, now I've seen that it isn't the comet at all. It's what's behind it- So I'm literally just waiting until Elenin is visible in the sky, with it's blue glory- then I'm making a straight line for the nearest cave entrance to the underground (and I plan on raiding a supermarket along the way, jail me now if you care to try) and hoping I don't end up squished when the 2nd object (the one i've spent 1,000's of hours searching for evidence of and now have) passes Earth.
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