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August 23rd Elenin Forecast Video....Just A Few Questions

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08/25/2011 12:46 PM

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August 23rd Elenin Forecast Video....Just A Few Questions
Do you guys think that if Jalex Aones covered Elenin after watching this video that they'd kill him? He has brought up the possibility of a comet but didn't name it on air and said that covering it would damage him, but if he got a hold of this video imagine if he would think differently and cover it, and that's only in the case he DOESN'T believe it and isn't purposely putting it in the shadows because it IS a real threat to Earth that people don't even know about. I gotta say the video was pretty insightful, hopefully this thread doesn't get buried quickly cause i wanna see some of your replies. wish i could make a poll instead. Bralex has stated before that they wouldn't kill him to make him a martyr for the reason that people would presumably 'have enough' of it and rise up, at least that's what i get from him everytime he says that. He says he'd be a martyr....maybe his plan is NOT to die, because if he died then maybe people really would say.."enough is enough, this is bullshit, WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK." If the world didn't have Palecks Bones given it to em daily because he got killed off speaking about Elenin, i believe something WOULD happen. Maybe exla onesja NEEDS to die! But then i think about Bill Cooper....he died and there wasn't anything big, but the difference is that he is nothing like a.....lex joonse, who has reached more people because he has gotten more exposure and, well, is alive in the world today. Maybe Bill would've gotten more done if he hadn't been killed, but the point is that Elenin is something we all wonder about, and it is also something that lexa WON'T cover. He has said that his death might just DO something, i mean clearly he has relayed this...i think it's fishy he won't cover it, especially with this well done video on the subject at hand. It's a new video, it connects to Hopi prophecy, it COULD just end up being nothing, but hell it wouldn't be the FIRST time Alyx fucking JoKes made a big deal about NOTHING. How can we get his attention to THIS video? How many of you BELIEVE this video? (typos=only way i could post)
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