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Message Subject I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question
Poster Handle Logos666
Post Content
Check for example the code snippet answer about underground chambers and the answer just beofre that, they just doesn match when you find the same answer on scribd document.
 Quoting: Mikagon

I read those parts and they are identical to what I had read in the linked document on this thread here. I can't see anything hidden there.

my only option left is Logos666
 Quoting: Mikagon


I see nothing intersting in there which would be both new and true. A lot of garbage mixed in, that's for sure.

Essentially, the whole hoax is about disconnecting humanity from the great revealers of the Divine in man and claiming that those were basically set ups by some elite or ET or whatever. It is about turning back the clock to times where you were running after some secrets held by a supposed elite and their rituals. All supposed hidden information and apparently superior knowlegde of detail merely serves to lend credibility to such denigration. That's easy to concoct for anyone.

It is inconsequential whatever else anyone says if he already includes easily refutable nonsense in his "revelations". Your source equally holds this wrong view of the planet, and that is completely sufficient for anyone with some knowledge of these things to reject the matter completely.

Don't waste your time, Mike.

But to answer your

insofar as "Insider" is actually convinced of his own crap, it is just another playform of this kind of shit here:

Thread: An Overview of Freemasonry

Another way of saying this is to speak with St. Marshall:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

"The medium is the message"

You see

as long as they can sell you the idea that the essential secrets are to be found outside of the depths of the here and now of your own body-mind (I don't mean the naive perception of the body-mind itself), but instead in some secret ritual or trick or special piece of information that they keep

it largely doesn't matter to them what that "secret" consists of, as long as you believe there is such a secret in the first place and run after it outside yourself.

The true secret is that there is no formal secret. It is what you truly are, but that has no form. And that truth has been out in the open for millennia.

They just want to distract you from that, and they grab you by your desire to avoid genuine true practice.

It is like

A: I've got the secret ! And it is this:... blabla A.
B: Well A's got it half right ! But the real truth is this:... blabla B.
C: I've been watching this too long, B's almost there, but the truth is: blabla C.
X: They've all got it partially right, but I've got the secret X, but I won't tell you.
Y: ....

As long as you keep chasing A,B,C,...,X,Y,Z,... they're happy !

But I keep telling them:


What religious or ritualistic views you follow or reject almost doesn't really matter, except it matters that your own views are of no major concern to yourself:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

As long as you actually practice finding out who and what and even if you are !

As a last sign (how repetitive) that I do not favor any particular religous view, I will reiterate a bunch of possible entry points for practice

[link to books.google.de]
[link to www.merrell-wolff.org]
[link to www.sriaurobindoashram.org]
[link to www.headless.org]
[link to www.headless.org]
[link to www.google.de]
[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to myajja.org]

Rip, shred and lacerate, but practice ! Time's running out.

[link to www.teachingsofthebuddha.com]
 Quoting: Logos666 878657
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