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Message Subject I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Me: Who are the illuminati?

Isis: They are enlightened beings that have full conscious awareness of all levels. They are capable of using every frequency, including the love frequency of course, to create what they would like to create, a world under their control at all times. The ones really in control have been able to stay within conscious awareness throughout many of their lifetimes. It is not just a group that came here right now. They have been here for millions of years. The actual beings in control are a small group. The others are their workers. Some of them have awareness at many levels as they have studied just like you for many lifetimes. Some are from another planet, or other universe.

The contract has been made with them, that if we are able to ascend the earth, they will leave.

Until then they will do everything within their power to prevent ascension of the earth.

Now they have let you come a long way. But there is still control as many messages are coming from them as well. They have given you promises and little treats to keep you at a certain level of spiritual awakening.

Me: What is needed for the earth to ascend, how many people do we need?

Isis: We need people that are ready to complete cosmic ascension. The portal that needs to be opened is not at a 5th dimensional level as the earth is ascending into her light body.

The amount of people is unsure at this time, we donít know how many more we can awaken to this path.

We will need more than we have now as they will have to carry the energies not just of opening the gate, but of all human beings that will move with the earth to the new earth reality.

Me: How many are awake at this time and how many are actually ready for cosmic ascension?

Isis: There are a little bit over 1000 awake enough to realize they need to be ready for cosmic ascension.

Of those 1000, none of them is there yet. They are still working on it but many are being distracted and many are only at the beginning. There are about 100 who have fully dedicated themselves to the cosmic ascension.

Me: How many are awake though that could start right now?

Isis: All light workers upon earth are awake enough to start, but they are not aware enough to realize the importance of cosmic ascension as many are still only within the love frequency. This is part of the control system, as the love frequency is what is holding them back. It is like when people say, you can reach god through Jesus. They are being taught that the only way to change this world is through love.

The only way to change this world is to become fully who you are in spirit, fully aware of all that is occurring. To bring every aspect of you within the 3rd dimension and prepare yourself to ascend out of the cycle of life and death.

This is what is needed to support the earth, as it will move you out of the limitations of a physical world. Allowing you to move into a deeper form of oneness. It will allow those that actually take this chance to become the new teachers within the new earth reality. As we are going to need more than just people who know about what it is to move into the 5th dimension. The new earth reality is going to need teachers that know how to step out of the cycle of life and death. Cosmic ascension.

As long as you limit the possibilities, you will never be fully aware.
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