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Message Subject Do you believe Alien/Human Hybrids Exist?
Poster Handle Gloomy Gus
Post Content
I believe some aliens have a mandate to continually upgrade human DNA for seeding distribution purposes. I believe, if there are other forms of life in other galaxies, these or other aliens primary purpose is to seed their specific DNA as well. Call it a farming program. It's a very simple concept.
Take 3 parts human DNA and mix it with other parts admixture to be farmed and harvested in other parts of the galaxy. Those of us who have made it this far (in time, generationally) have been self weeded for the survival of the fittest on Earth and have the proper DNA for Earth survival.
Take that superior DNA and graft it to another world where the DNA of that world also is superior. A super DNA hybrid race of beings for many worlds, if you will. Simple. Why not? We do it too.
Across the universe are portions of human DNA seeded with other races on planets that may have different requirements for survival, thus, the necessity for hybrid DNA relative to these unique planetary requirements for continual DNA farming and harvesting.
Once these super hybrids are created, we can never interact with them again lest they re-introduce corrupted DNA contamination back into the hybrid.
So they must be re-located to another world. We are the stock. They are our future, their lives to be lived out somewhere else with different kinds of beings than us. That gives me hope. I wish I could "donate" my DNA to this super hybrid race program.
To me, it makes perfect sense.
I have had an up-close and personal experience with a UFO. Only once. It was amazing. I don't need for others to believe me. All that matters is that I believe it happened. It came for me. After it left, my mind was transformed into a believing human being. Once you have the proof they exist, other realities begin to eek their way in over time as old dogmas begin to evacuate the empty spaces in your mind.

BTW, I'm being given bad Karma because I am a Ballchinian and for the way I look. This is just wrong people.
So if you are a ballchinian too, say hi.
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