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Message Subject Do you believe Alien/Human Hybrids Exist?
Poster Handle Alien Commander Omd I
Post Content
And then again: If we are talking about a highly advanced alien race, could they be creating hybrids through the internet? Another words through the use of advanced coding techniques could they be communicating with you and possibly even exerting biological effects on living human organisms directly through the internet? Can certain pages on the internet be pro-active and influencing you in ways you can not detect? And NOTE I post this concept not to generate paranoia about aliens - I am a believer that some advanced alien races may be pro-humanoid. Still the truth remains to be seen and it has been postulated that there are both good and bad {as to humans} alien races similar to the old Biblical concepts of devils and angels.

-Alien Commander Omd I {human/alien channel} ufo56

[link to universalspacealienpeoplesassociation.blogspot.com]
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