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Message Subject Do you believe Alien/Human Hybrids Exist?
Poster Handle computer says no
Post Content
Be great to be a fly on the wall.. seeing aliens discuss how they intend to finally make contact.. with lots of bizarre ideas floating about. Whether to make it all 'offical, well dressed, serious/no nonesense.. or.. come out of the ship doing a song & dance routine to some music.. or some WTF??!! 'salvador dali' style wierd thing to stump people.. or land & ..?? sigh.. dunno.. I've sent the hybrids down to see what makes us tick, but according to abductees.. the hybrids are not very human, as their emotions are very 'controlled.' They don't 'lose it' or bend over laughing their head off.. or acting all strange or silly. According to one abductee.. her child was ordered by the greys to teach hybrid children how to play on the swings & other playground furniture. The hybrids didn't have a clue, never smiled, laughed, jumped, crached a comment/joke.. they just stood there like Japanese tourists.. all sheepish & 'no.. better not have a go!'

Mmmmm...! sigh.. well.. shrug.. what can one say..
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