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Message Subject Do you believe Alien/Human Hybrids Exist?
Poster Handle lotusflowerinbloom
Post Content
Extradimensional entities certainly speak through people.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1203417

[link to www.jeffersonscott.com]

1. "Aliens, however, seem to have no trouble identifying walk-the-walk Christians. This demographic, this segment of the population, seems to be the only one immune to UFO activity. A walk-the-walk Christian will rarely, if ever, even spot a UFO, much less undergo abduction attempts.

2. There have been only three methods proven effective in thwarting abduction attempts: righteous anger, strength of spirit, and calling on the name of Jesus in faith. The first two have been known to stop isolated abduction attempts, but cannot end the aliens' abduction efforts entirely. In these cases, the aliens simply appear in a new form, trying a new tactic. Only by calling on the name of Jesus Christ in faith can abduction attempts be halted altogether.

3. Just as there is a link between walk-the-walk Christians and the absence of UFO activity, so there is a link between those who experiment in the occult and the presence of UFO activity. Even the secular UFO literature comments that UFO abductees "tend to be unchurched" and often admit to occult practices.

4. There is something dreamlike about UFO sightings, alien encounters, and abduction attempts. Something not-quite-physical. Almost as if the whole thing is going on inside the observer's head...Contactees regularly report a "connection" between themselves and the UFO. A person sees a UFO and can will it to come closer. As soon as the person sees it, it seems to see the person. Abductions also contain psychological elements. The "aliens" play with abductees' minds, promising one thing then delivering another, or claiming to have imperative messages for mankind, then delivering nonsensical gibberish or absurd instructions. Abductees often feel psychologically manipulated and abused.

5. Indeed, that is what aliens have told contactees. "You're in danger of destroying your planet because of X" (nuclear testing or environmental disregard are the usual suspects) or "Your planet is going to be destroyed by X" (a rogue planet entering your system, or the so-called Galactic Federation).

But if these ETs were really our buddies from beyond, wouldn't we expect them to help us with our problems? "You need to get off your planet before X happens, so here's the plans (or better, the keys) to a big spaceship and here's the map to a home we've scouted out for you." Or "You're in danger of destroying yourselves by killing your planet—so here's how to rebuild the ozone layer and here's free energy to eliminate fossil fuel pollution." Or "You're going to destroy each other, so we've deactivated all your weapons, given you the cure to cancer, and built you some outposts on other worlds." But instead of practical, scientific, or medical assistance, what do these space buddies give us? Eastern theology. Here's a sampling. (For a fuller dose of the "alien" message, click here.)
"Gaia [Mother Earth] is not happy with you. She is going to go into great travail soon as she purges herself of the toxins you have poured out upon her."

6. There's just something devilish about so many UFO and alien contact stories. You've got the UFOs playing tag with aircraft—like cute little imps. You've got babies stolen from their cribs—just like medieval goblins used to do. You've got sexual alien encounters like the succubus/incubus stories from the Middle Ages. And you've got the sadistic, one might even say fiendish, aliens with their sadistic exploratory surgeries.

7. Revelation seems to depict a time in which the barrier between the spiritual and physical dimensions is no more. Demons, beasts, and even the devil himself are said to walk the earth alongside humans. Could it be that this is what we are seeing now with UFOs?

8. But in the end, everything kept coming back to terror—the abject horror these abductions exact from abductees.
True, alien surgeons may need to stick six-inch-long needles into abductees' eyes for research purposes—but it seems more dramatic than scientific. They may really need to shove tiny implants high into abductees' noses and ears, rupturing membranes—or it may simply be torture. Why do abductees report other nightmarish phenomena: preborn "grays" gestating in vats of blood and body parts; depraved sexual encounters (including bestiality); supposed impregnation and fetal harvesting; piercing, cutting, and burning; and threatened or simulated genital mutilation?
In all ways imaginable—through every orifice, in every area of free will—abductees are invaded. (I am again struck by how similar this is to demonic aggression as recorded in Hostage to the Devil.) Abductees are lied to, abused, humiliated, ridiculed, tortured, and threatened by cute, little E.T. And the abuse seems tailor-made to the abductee. It is almost as if these "aliens" can tap into a person's subconscious and pick out the images and actions that would achieve the maximum terror."

The Church Lady's voice for a moment: "Could it be… Satan?"

Well, honey, maybe this time you're finally right
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1497558


I couldn't have put this together any better to prove my point of why I think aliens are demons.
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