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Death by Neti Pot...is Nothing Sacred?!

Little Green Chicken
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United States
08/26/2011 09:57 AM
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Death by Neti Pot...is Nothing Sacred?!
I have never heard of this before but there is a brain-eating amoeba that kills a few people each year. I guess it can live and thrive in still water; so lakes, ponds, lazy rivers.....and neti pots!

If you don't know, neti pots are quite charming. They are those nasty devices that you fill up with hot water and let your boogers drip into when you are congested.

Apparently this guy had a contaminated water supply where the brain muncher lived and hitched a ride up his nose via the neti pot.

I would normally say these people go into ponds and lakes at their own risk of disease and contamination...but who would think you have to be afraid of your OWN water and using a neti pot? Jeeze, poor guy.

[link to news.discovery.com]