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Christ Michael Aton Speaks

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User ID: 1521659
08/26/2011 12:14 PM
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Christ Michael Aton Speaks
Christ Michael Aton Speaks to the US Specifically

Christ Michael Aton, I sense a need for further communication. I am concerned about what is possible. I have some understanding of what this could entail, I think. Signs are evident for those looking. Guide us as we face the events that are coming. Help us to remain balanced. Prepare us to hear your direction.

Jess, I am speaking to you clearly this evening. This is a time of troubling potential for your country. Other places in the world are equally in danger, but the United States is poised for special catastrophes. We have spoken of potentials and possibilities many times in the past. I have urged restraint to allow more in America to become aware of what is looming.

This has come to an end. I have told Mother Earth to let go and finish her travail. I have allowed the forces of relief that have strained for resolution to start their process. This will trigger a series of Earth-changing events you have not experienced before in your lives. Just as we have spoken of a series of potential reactions, so have these resolutions begun a sequence that can have wide spread and unforeseen effects.

Read More @
[link to abundanthope.net]

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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1521741
08/26/2011 12:14 PM
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Re: Christ Michael Aton Speaks
out of his ass . 5a