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Message Subject >>>>Sustainable Living PLUS Canning and Dehydrating Food<<<<
Poster Handle tinygreen
Post Content
You can safely dehydrate in an oven on racks/sheets if you can dial your oven low enough-145 to 150 degrees. May need to prop the door open a tad, though.

Some things need to be blanched first before drying, for long term storage. I keep much of my dried stuff in quart canning jars, using my vacuum sealer jar attachment on the canning lids. Works great, pretty reliable. BTW you can also vacuum seal various containers in the bags too, if needed.

And I am still wondering WHY someone would pressure can blueberries for that long? An hour?? What I did not make into spiced jelly, regular jam, and syrup, I would freeze some and dehydrate the rest........

As for salmon I think it's 90 minutes in a pint like most meats. We really pack the jars and usually leave the skin on, but we are pretty harsh on trimming off anything that looks marginal. Only top quality fish makes it into a jar at my house :)
 Quoting: suvalley

thank you so much for all your input! clapping

i haven't canned blueberries yet, so i have no knowledge of the requirements to can them.

i will be learning to dehydrate very soon. we have racks and other stuff i haven't investigated yet.

you have to be scrupulous when you can fish. you are so right about using only prime fish. leaving the skin on helps in canning, imho.

woohoo it rocks to have stored food. i applaud all of us who supply the real deal.

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