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Message Subject >>>>Sustainable Living PLUS Canning and Dehydrating Food<<<<
Poster Handle RPR
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I've made loads of jam(jelly) this year and some plum chutney. I'm thinking I might have a go at preserving some tomatoes as I've never done that before. But I'll see how they go as at the moment we are keeping up with the supply. We had loads of plums and apples that I've frozen and I was going to defrost and make more jam, but we've just been given some wine-making equipment so that's what we'll use it for. Can't wait to get going with it:)
 Quoting: RPR

it's great you are preparing. is plum chutney hard to make?

i'd love your receipe if you want to share. ohyeah

please share with us your experiences with the wine making. that is a valuable skill.

we will be having a great deal of grapes coming in season soon. we have several types and we use some for juice and some for jelly. i don't know all the details about type though.
 Quoting: tinygreen

I used this recipe for the chutney and it's lovely, very rich:

[link to cooking4chumps.com]

You might have to do a bit of convertion though as it's a UK site.

We made wine quite a few years ago now and haven't done any inbetween. But I will let you know how it turns out. I'll try and take over from hubby as he "knows it all", but I think I'll make a better job of it!!!lolsign

If I find a good recipe for the wine I'll let you know too:)
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