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Message Subject >>>>Sustainable Living PLUS Canning and Dehydrating Food<<<<
Poster Handle tinygreen
Post Content
My starter garden got pillaged by raccoons this summer, leaving me with almost nothing to put in the dehydrator. Oh, well--I've been making up for it at the farmers' market.

I'm still a novice canner, but I've been putting up pickles, dilly-beans, asparagus, and a bit of jam and lemon curd here and there. I'll do beets later on, if I can get a decent fall crop. I also canned butter/ghee, and I'm going to do cheese as well.

But I need to buy a pressure canner so I can do meats. I found a source of beef brisket at a really good price, and now I'm itching to make and can my own corned beef. I like having control over exactly what goes into it--no MSG is a big one.
 Quoting: Electric Moon

sounds like you have done a whole bunch of canning, even after the evil destruction of your garden.

canning meat is just as easy as vegetable, at least my mother has assured me of that. blink i haven't done that yet, but will be canning beef and chicken this coming week.

i really want to try bacon and hamburger. and butter, lots of butter.

how do you can lemon curd????????? i want to do that!!

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