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Message Subject >>>>Sustainable Living PLUS Canning and Dehydrating Food<<<<
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I canned over 800 jars this year green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, pinto beans, purple hull peas, peach jelly, plum jelly, pickles, peppers, salsa.

It's my third year and I got a new canner that will do 19 quarts at one time, it's such a time saver.

I'm glad you started the thread, I love to can. I'm going to go back and read all the posts from the beginning.
 Quoting: TexasGirl

dang!!! 19 quarts!! i want one of those!! right damn now. where did you get that?

you are a super canner. i admire that and am working to get to your level.

glad you like the thread. :dancingtrio:
 Quoting: tinygreen

Here's a link, I ordered it from Amazon: [link to www.amazon.com]

If you're going to can a lot, you sure need one. I work my garden mostly by myself and it took me 9 hours to pick my green beans so I sure needed a short cut. This canner doesn't have a rubber seal either so it will NEVER wear out - I sure like that too. Oh, and it almost regulates itself - you put your jiggler on in one of three holes it has and the holes represent 5, 10 or 15 pounds. Once the cooker reaches that pressure it will jiggle more or less depending on how hot it is to keep it at the right pounds of pressure. It's so much more reassuring than having to keep fooling with the heat to keep it at the right pressure. The one thing I will say is this CANNER IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS and the reason I say that is the instructions assume you know a lot already just in the terminology it uses. Like "vent the cooker for five minutes" - my first canner said something like "watch carefully for steam to come out of the top of your canner and once you see a steady stream, set your timer for five minutes"

You talked about potatoes, I didn't want to can mine but I had a couple hundred pounds and they were doing fine until it just got so hot here all the time and then some began to rot so I just canned them to keep them from going bad. My onions are holding strong though and I think I'll have enough to last through the winter.
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