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Message Subject >>>>Sustainable Living PLUS Canning and Dehydrating Food<<<<
Poster Handle tinygreen
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it's been a long day of doing corn today. i had a fight with my mom about freezing the corn. she doesn't want to can it because it takes 85 minutes under pressure. i said i would do all the work, but no.

so i gave in. we only did a bushel of corn and we froze 11 quart ziplocks of delicious corn.

my dad said he had only picked about a third of two rows(he goes back and forth) and we have 12 rows.

we also gave the senior center in a town nearby 3 bushels of green beans and 5 large paper bags of swiss chard. i love giving away the vegetables to the seniors.

we also took 3 bushels of beans and 5 bags of swiss chard to the local food pantry.

if people ate real food instead of fast food, the world would be in a much better place.

be sweet you all and keep putting food on the shelves. hercoffee
 Quoting: tinygreen

where are you located, I am in Fl and our corn was done in June, but with a family of 7 we ate alot of it, and only froze 20 ears, and another 3 gallon sized bags of kernals that we took off the cob. I only have 2 of those bags left, I have been savoring them. We also had some creepy corn worms ruin some of it, but this was my first yr having a garden so I am stoked!!
 Quoting: flavapor

i'm in michigan and we were late in planting our garden this year. my dad has had cancer and it was slow going.

wow! family of 7 to feed. that's a crew! we were 9 when i was a kid.

we were going to freeze more corn today, but it's been really hot and my mom wanted to rest today, maybe tomorrow. we have to get it done soon though, as the raccoons are into it now.

i haven't seen any worms yet, but last year there were quite a few of them.

we try to save our stuff for the ass freezing winters. i'm hoping the lima beans will be ready soon and we can freeze or can some limas and corn together. tasty when you're stuck in the house.hf
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