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Message Subject >>>>Sustainable Living PLUS Canning and Dehydrating Food<<<<
Poster Handle Nine's
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Sorry...I was whining too much. The futon has been here for years. Mom got it when the kids were small to take a nap on. It's just hard. I got a foam thingy to put on top and it's better, but I am thinking about an air mattress. 2 more monthes on this thing is longer than anyone in the family has ever used it. I've never slept on it longer than 2 weeks! I was MUCH younger then!LOL

The car thing, they've always been that way. They have insurance, I don't really know what the deal is.

It's not that bad really, it's just today. AND the weather. If it were still possible, I'd say I'm PMSing. Too bad I can't blame it on that!
 Quoting: Texan Buckeye

No. You are NOT whining and it's a sad day when you're sorry for sharing with us. tounge

I slept on a futon a couple times when much younger and it was hideous then! Can't imagine how it would be now. Think I'd prefer a sleeping bag on the ground! They are just nasty and not made for any amount of weight or age.

My sister has an air mattress that she keeps in case she has more guests than beds. It's as high as mmmm... maybe a box spring and a mattress on top of it. Much higher than "just" an air mattress. It blows up with a pump. I tried it out one day and it was really super comfortable. I hope you can get something like that. My back aches thinking of a futon~

PMSing my foot. You don't need something to blame it on. No one would be happy with the circumstances! grouphug
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