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Message Subject >>>>Sustainable Living PLUS Canning and Dehydrating Food<<<<
Poster Handle Nine's
Post Content
Awww. I know. It's hard on so many levels. It seems so empty when they leave.

No more testosterone or estrogen dripping from the ceilings. No war whoops when a favorite team is winning. No unforgotten soda cans tucked in an inconspicuous place for you to trip over. No crusted plates in the sink. No early morning or late night sounds that make you think someone is breaking in...or out. No one in the bathroom 23 hrs. out of 24. No washing machine running 4 hrs. a day. Always hot water available. It's miserable.

Seriously, it's the deafening quiet, the memories, the hugs, the hope, the worry. The lonely piece of cake that's leftover that you were hoping they'd eat. It's everything. Like they take your life force with them. Be assured though, you're in their heart whether they are with you or away.

You know that. Duuuah. Well, I gotta say something. HAHAHAHA!!
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