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Message Subject >>>>Sustainable Living PLUS Canning and Dehydrating Food<<<<
Poster Handle Southern OR
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Ok ladies, I need mom type advice. I came home from work tonight and smelled weed in my house. The youngest (18) and the foster daughter (16) are both suspect at this point. I realize I live in Oregon and weed is not looked upon harshly, but in my house ~ damnit ~ it will not be allowed. I know the foster daughter left here about 3pm and my daughter got off work about 4pm. I got home at 5:45 and could smell it as soon as I walked through the door. That makes me think it was recent so it was my daughter. She of course denies it. I talked to our foster daughter and told her I smelled it when I came home. I asked her what time she left the house today and her answer jived with our computer history (I can always tell when she leaves by the internet history on the computer). I told the foster daughter to never let our daughter talk her into taking the blame for something like this. She said she respected us way to much to do that. Thoughts?
 Quoting: Southern OR

Oh, crap, SO. I didn't have that particular problem with my kids. Sex, yeah, alcohol, yeah, but weed/drugs, nope. I'm not so "stable" these days, anyway. I know why I was so weepy yesterday...I've got the crud, so my brain cells aren't working too well.

I'm afraid I would probably blow a gasket if it was my kids. Stuff would be exploding all over the place. It would take me quite a while before I could think it through and be coherent about it. I think, after they both denied it, I would ask who else was in the house then, because (in my version) I d***n well know what it smells like and I wouldn't want it in the house. It being illegal and testable for the jobs of the employed people in the family. I, personally, am pretty good with the quilt trip and anger. Unfortunatly. The anger isn't as bad as it used to be, but the quilt...I'm still pretty good at it.

I'm sorry I'm not much help with this. Flav and Nine's probably will have better advice. I have problems with stuff that used to be legal for us and aren't now for our kids, either.hugs anyway.
 Quoting: Texan Buckeye

I blew a gasket when I first got home. Called the youngest and yelled. Then talked quite loudly when our foster daughter got home. Weed in Oregon is just like that - a weed. It's everywhere and people don't think too much about it. I do, however. My thought is they are too young. This is a time for building up the brain to achieve much in life. That said...I have been there and done that. I smoked weed once in a while from 17 to 21. Never smoked in my parent's house though. That would be sacrilege. We ended up telling them both that this was first, and final, warning.
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