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Message Subject >>>>Sustainable Living PLUS Canning and Dehydrating Food<<<<
Poster Handle Nine's
Post Content
How you must have loved those Scotties, Flav. They are the cutest dogs and smart as they can be. Bet they livened up your house!

Sounds like you had a real good food for them.

Pupster had a supposedly good dog food when he was growing the fastest, but I hated it. He too, itched. He had a special shampoo that helped, but I know it was the food. It was kind of a trade off in knowing it was bothering him, and making sure he got all he needed to develop the way he should. A person just doesn't know what to do, but I'm happy that eating what I consider a better diet now.

I give some liver each week, but only use the grass fed. Since the liver breaks down or modifies toxins, it makes me wonder how many are still in the liver when many drugs are given to the animals.

So much to be concerned about now, from pet food to human food and no matter how you try, there can still be problems.

My usual food is ground bison, beef, chicken or turkey. The chicken and turkey bones are used but sent through the grinder. To that I add ground carrots, boiled eggs with shell, ground, flax seed oil, some organ meats, and veggies, like carrots, brocoli, squash, or whatever.

The beef bones that would splinter are put in a pressure cooker til soft, then fed that way or ground and mixed with Total cereal.

Then it's bagged in daily servings and frozen.

Has anyone heard from Mama lately? Hope she's doing ok.
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