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Texas Suffers Worst Drought Year on Record

So where's the hype?
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United States
08/27/2011 09:07 AM
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Texas Suffers Worst Drought Year on Record
August 24, 2011

Texas Suffers Worst Drought Year on Record

Weather forecasters and agriculture experts in the southwestern U.S. state of Texas say there is no relief in sight for what already is the worst drought year on record. The searing heat and dry conditions have caused devastating wildfires in the western part of the large state and led to crop losses, cattle deaths and water rationing in areas of east Texas that are normally wet at this time of year.

Driving through the countryside northwest of Houston, one sees dried up fields, dying trees and livestock ponds that are not much more than a puddles of fetid, algae-covered water. In some towns, farmers' markets have been cancelled because local growers have little to offer. Those with wells for irrigation are struggling with the high cost of fuel to run their pumps.

[link to www.voanews.com]