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HAARP Chess Anyone

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1517779
United States
08/28/2011 07:31 AM
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HAARP Chess Anyone
Let's assume for a moment that HAARP is a weapon and able to control weather.

Let's also assume that those controlling HAARP are able to stir up a storm and guide it's path but only to the extent that it doesn't violate natural storm mechanics (hurricances don't travel north to south, etc)

Now lets assume that a side effect of the HAARP weapon is that when they turn it off, whereever it was last pointed (the termination point for the storm) experiences an earthquake.

IF those assumptions where true then those controlling HAARP would want to test it in an area with limited human exposure which would still get headlines. Then they would probably use it in a controlled manner on the US and it's allies so they could claim innocence before it's ultimate use as a weapon (we'll get to that in a moment).

So...following that line of thought one should be able to see a pattern - evidence of it's use.

How about....a monster quake quake in New Zealand followed by unprecendented monsoons for a test.

How about....a monster quake in Japan followed by a monster typhoon.

How about....a moderate quake in Virginia followed by a moderate hurrican - first direct hit in more than 50 years.

So lets say that all this is true and after New Zealand those that control HAARP knew their weapon would work as planned - what's the end game?

Let's assume again that you;

a. wanted to take control of all the mideast oil
b. wanted to get rid of all the mideast thoecracies unfreindly to globalization

Let's assume you didn't want to do it directly but under the guise of NATO.

You would of course want to marginalize any mid level military players in the region like Libya, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, etc by ginning up revolutions and uprisings so they couldn't form a united coalition against you.

Next you would take the major military (nuclear) players and pit them against each other (India recently experienced a new wave of terrorist attacks which they presumably blame on Pakistan).

Now comes the end game.

Before you can launch a major military offensive to rest control of the oil and get rid of the remaining thoecracies you have to ensure that one major player is out of the game - China.

Enter HAARP - China is especially vulnerable because it lies in a natural typhoon path and is proned to both earthquakes, massive flooding and typhoons. An unprecendented natural disaster might prove to distract China long enough for the US to gain a tactical advantage.

Assuming all of the things I've stated above means we would be looking for a superquake in China soon - followed by the mother of all typhoons - followed by a shit storm on the middle east.

HAARP chess anyone.....